most reliable cars of the year

What are the most reliable cars of the year?


A new year often rhymes with classification of all kinds. Cars are also affected and after the top sales of 2016 , here are the most reliable cars of the past year. What can guide your next purchase of a used vehicle?

The reliability of the cars visible thanks to a score out of 20

Given the increasing cost of a new car , reliability is watched closely by buyers. To establish the ranking of the most reliable cars, Automobile Magazine based itself, among other things, on the recall campaigns of major brands, but also on the experience of users and professionals in the sector.

Let’s start first with the very popular SUV/Crossover market at the moment. We find the Mercedes GLC and GLA (respectively 19 and 16.5 out of 20). The French are not too badly off since the Renault Kadjar wins 17.5/20. Then comes the Peugeot 2008 (17/20) while the Captur (already enjoying a 17/20 last year) and the Dacia Duster obtain respectively 15 and 14.5 out of 20.

Asian cars are everywhere!

Another important classification in terms of volumes: city cars. The Renault Zoé , Mazda 2 and Opel Corsa all score 18.5/20. In the Volkswagen group, the Czech Skoda Fabia (18/20) beat Queen Polo (16/20).

Among minivans we find the Prius + in first position with 19.5/20. The first minivan in the BMW range, the 2 Series in its two Active Tourer and Gran Tourer versions, also gets a good score (18.5/20).

On the compact side we find:

The Nissan Pulsar 19/20

Dacia Logan 18.5/20

Kia cee’d 18/20

Here is also the top 3 family sedans:

Jaguar XE 19/20

Skoda Octavia 18.5/20

Volkswagen Passat 18/20

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