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How to Maintain and Protect Your Windshield


Automotive glass is specifically designed for vehicles. The glass is constructed differently, so it won’t break in an accident like your house’s glass. The automotive glass is more durable. You can still hear a pebble hitting your window as you drive down the road and not have it chipped or cracked.

While your windshield is durable, this doesn’t mean it’s indestructible. It is possible to damage your windshield, which can lead to an obstruction in driving. In some cases, it may even be illegal to drive because of the severity. You can’t always predict when a storm will hit or if a baseball will fly over the backstop to strike your vehicle, but you can still take general precautions to keep your windshield in good condition. Here are the best ways to protect your car’s windshield and limit damage if it is damaged.

Driving Recommendations

Cars are constantly hurling stones and pieces of pavement back at them. Objects can also fall from trucks or blow through windows. It is best to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. This tip will not only protect your windshield but you as the driver. Staying at a safe distance gives you more time to react. The extra few feet could mean the difference between a car’s debris hitting your windshield or you swerving to avoid it.

Keep an Eye on the Temperature

The glass in your car will expand and contract as the temperature changes. Heat directly applied to the windshield over time will weaken it. It is best to keep your car in the shade as much as possible. Window shades do not do much to protect the glass against heat, but they do protect the dash.

Windshield Chips Should Be Repaired Immediately

In some cases, you can’t help but get a chip on your windshield. It may happen without your knowledge, but you will notice a small nick when you get into your car. You should have any small cracks or chips repaired as soon as you notice them. If window damage is not treated it will grow. The temperature fluctuations will slowly cause the glass to grow outward. This can be a dangerous distraction. It also gets more expensive to fix. If you repair the smaller chips, it will be possible to replace your entire windshield if left untreated.

Replace Your Windshield Wipers

When you see that your wipers can’t remove all the water from the windshield, it is time to replace them. Over time the wipers can lose their shape and put pressure on specific areas of the glass (instead of spreading the pressure evenly as new wipers do). When combined with other problems, poor wipers will not harm your vehicle. However, they can make the glass more vulnerable to cracks and chips.

Get Rid of Chemicals

Avoid harsh chemicals when washing your windshield. Chemicals can cause glass to discolor and may even remove the protective coating from your glass. Use only automaker-approved cleaning products. If you prefer to make your own, try a vinegar/water solution (just be sure to thoroughly rinse off the mixture when finished). Ammonia is one of the most common culprits. Ammonia is found in many household cleaners. You may think that if the product works on your home, it will work on your car. This is a big mistake. Ammonia can dry out vinyl and plastic. It can damage glass, but also the protective layer around it.

Take Care of Your Vehicle

We’ve all experienced it. You may have been in a heated argument or had a frustrating call while driving. You slam your car door to let off some steam. Do not do this in the future.

Slamming your car’s door can send shockwaves through the glass which, in turn, can weaken it. Imagine it as an earthquake. The first minor earthquake might not cause any damage, but the fourth and fifth may be enough to cause significant damage. While slamming the car door might feel good, it could cause problems in the future.

Nano Safeguard

The product is the best on the market. The product is applied to the glass in a similar way as you would wax your car. Nano Safeguard binds the glass surface molecularly. This allows for a more even distribution of any sudden impact.

The impact of a rock is not concentrated in one area of the glass but rather spread out over the whole window. This reduces the risk of damage. The product also repels dirt, bugs, and rain so that it does not stick to the window.

Other glass treatment products are available (including Rain-X options), but this one is the most highly rated.

It’s not difficult to maintain your windshield. The location of your vehicle will determine a lot of the maintenance. By following these tips, you can protect your windshield and reduce the cost of repairs.

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