Cycle training

Cycle training, how to become a bicycle repairer?


In cycling, there are two types of repairs. Those without great gravity which fall under the maintenance of the bicycle , which the cyclist is generally able to carry out himself with the appropriate tools. Then there are the more technical repairs, which require professional help. A bicycle repairer specializes in the renovation and maintenance of bicycles, whether they are traveling mechanics or work in a workshop. So, what cycle training to follow to become a professional cyclist?

Bike repairer, a job for you?

To become a bicycle repairman, you must meet two important criteria: a love of cycling and a certain sense of DIY . Indeed, maintaining a bicycle, whether you are self-employed or for a business, will require you to put your hands on the handlebars. And in the sludge. With the rise of cycling – both urban and touristic – the demand for bicycle repairers continues to grow. And with it are born many cycle training courses .

Some training courses are accessible as soon as you obtain the baccalaureate, others require you to have a CAP/BEP in your pocket. They generally last less than a year and can take place alternately. Thus you accumulate a theoretical learning on the different components of the bike while practicing the repair in the field. Some courses issue a diploma and allow their holder to apply directly for a position as a mechanic or cycle salesman .

Note that since 2015, the title of cycle mechanic is no longer mandatory to practice.

What training to become a cycle repairer

The CQP Cycle

To become a bicycle repairer , it is advisable to turn to training that allows you to obtain a Professional Qualification Certificate (CQP) Cycle Technician.

Cycle training for bike repair learning

The CQP Cycle trains in the repair and sale of cycles and allows you to master the fundamental mechanics of the bicycle. At the end of the training, between 3 and 7 weeks depending on the organization, you will be subjected to a 7-hour exam spread over one day. On the program, a theoretical test in the form of MCQs then a practical test in situation in workshop conditions.

To qualify for this certification, you must hold at least a CAP/BEP . Depending on the schools, it takes between 1500€ and 2000€ to follow a training course, to which are added 80 euros for registration for the exam. Good to know, Pôle Emploi can, under certain conditions, take charge of this type of training.

After passing your exam, you can become a cycle salesman-technician or a cycle workshop technician in a bike shop. And why not even open your own store ! It is also possible to pass the Cycle Technician CQP and the Cycle Technician Seller CQP separately.

There are also two other CQPs related to the world of cycling. The CQP Mountain Bike Tracker trains you in the maintenance and safety of downhill mountain biking sites and will allow you to work in a mountain bike station in season. The CQP Educateur Mobilité à Vélo will train you in learning to ride a bike with children and adults in a cycle school , for example, as well as in education about mobility by bike with companies or the general public. .

Short courses

Non-qualifying, these training courses will allow you to get up to speed on new products and acquire a solid foundation in bicycle mechanics . The short courses cover quite a variety of themes . From the initiation to the sale of bicycles, to the cycle technician or to the recovery or creation of a bicycle shop. To more technical specialties such as shelving, hydraulic brakes, suspensions, electrically assisted bicycles , postural study, urban bicycles, etc.

Short courses last only a few days, usually less than a week . They do not require a minimum level required . Generally less expensive than the CQP, however count between 250 and 800 euros depending on the training and organizations

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