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The maintenance log of a car makes it possible to know the history of its maintenance as well as to plan its future revisions. It indeed contains its past repairs and the periodicity of change of its parts. If the maintenance book is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to ask for it when buying a used car .

Find the best garage to repair your car:

Your car’s maintenance log is a bit like its health log . It is supplied by the manufacturer with your new car when it is purchased and must follow your vehicle throughout its life. The various mechanics brought to work on your car so you can follow its revisions and previous interventions.

The maintenance log of a car also allows you to follow the deadlines for servicing or changing parts of your vehicle . It is therefore the follow-up of the maintenance of your vehicle. It allows you to know the condition, age and mileage of its organs and everything related to the reliability and condition of your car.

The monitoring of operations and repairs carried out on a vehicle is an obligation provided for by the highway code . The maintenance booklet is adapted to each car and allows motorists to drive a vehicle without danger to their safety and that of others.

Your car is made up of many wearing parts that need to be replaced periodically. The maintenance log allows you to know these change intervals . Certain checks must also be carried out regularly, and the maintenance booklet also specifies these recommendations.

In short, the maintenance log allows you to know all the history of the interventions and maintenance carried out on a car. The role of the maintenance log is therefore to:

Make a summary of the repairs already carried out on the vehicle;

Provide a maintenance schedule specifying the services to be carried out according to the mileage and the age of the vehicle;

Prove past maintenance operations in the event of a dispute or for the manufacturer’s warranty ;

In the event of resale of the vehicle , give the buyer an overview of the maintenance and condition of the car.

maintenance log content

The content of a service book depends from one vehicle model to another. There are, however, commonalities. First, the service book contains information about the car:

The maintenance booklet also contains the manufacturer’s warranties and its recommendations on the frequency of servicing or replacement of certain parts ( tyres , shock absorbers , brakes , etc.). Naturally, you will also find in your service book the list of repairs and overhauls carried out previously.

Finally, your maintenance booklet also contains information on the repairs to be carried out on your car: how to change a tire or the battery , etc. Tips on cleaning the interior and exterior of your vehicle are also included.

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