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Need a maintenance booklet for your car?


To avoid any risk of harm to the lives of persons occupying a vehicle, it must be maintained regularly. For this, it is essential to have an essential element when buying your car: the maintenance booklet . Indeed, the maintenance log of a car is similar to a real health log and makes it possible to monitor the life cycle of the vehicle throughout its entry into circulation and over the changes of owners. Each time a new vehicle is purchased, car manufacturers provide purchasers with a maintenance book specially adapted to the vehicle purchased, which will follow it throughout its use.

The maintenance log

1. What is a vehicle service book?

The maintenance book of a car is an important file with many pages, which is used to organize the various repairs or revisions of the vehicle. This then allows you to have visibility on the general condition of your car and on the next revisions that must be carried out to ensure the safety of the vehicle and the occupants of the vehicle. It’s the same as when a person has the information for their vaccine reminder in a health record. This allows the motorist to have on paper, a summary of the life of the vehicle and at the same time, to prove that he has carried out all the repairs necessary to ensure that his vehicle can be driven safely .

2. What is the use of a maintenance booklet?

The maintenance log allows you to organize the maintenance of your vehicle by listing all the deadlines for servicing, repairs or changing parts. It precisely traces the actions carried out on the vehicle since its purchase, which is why it is strongly recommended to retrieve it when buying a used vehicle via an individual or a professional. But this is not the only use of the notebook, it is useful for many other things. As said before, the logbook allows buyers to understand and have information about the condition of the car., because during the sale, potential buyers most of the time ask for the booklet to understand the true value of the car. It constitutes proof of the interventions carried out to serve as proof of the condition of the vehicle and the identity of the professionals who worked on it. It summarizes all the repairs carried out and makes it possible to identify what remains to be done and what is no longer to be done, thanks to it the mechanic knows exactly what he must do. It’s much easier to gather all this information in a notebook than to jot it down right and left on pieces of paper. The maintenance book also serves as a schedule of revisions on which the car manufacturer has left advice on how often to go to his garage depending on the model of the car.

3. What information can be found in a maintenance booklet?

The information found in a maintenance log is extremely precise and important for tracking a vehicle. It is here that the manufacturer writes all his recommendations about the vehicle and that the mechanic details all the operations he carries out each time the owner of the car visits.

It contains all the information relating to the general condition of the vehicle such as age and mileage, which allows you to get an idea of ​​​​the reliability of the vehicle purchased.

Most often, the information is filed in tables to be ticked during each visit to the garage.

Whenever a repair or overhaul has been carried out by the car owner, all he has to do is check the options to find out what has been done and what remains to be done.

On the cover of the maintenance booklet, there is several important information:

The make and model of the vehicle

The chassis number

Engine number

The car registration number

The power of the vehicle and its empty weight

The load it can carry

What we mainly find inside this logbook are: all the revisions recommended by the manufacturer, the history of the maintenance work carried out on the vehicle, the frequency of revision for each type of operation carried out by the mechanic , advice to be applied according to the type of vehicle such as the various checkpoints provided (oil change, check of the brakes, tires, leveling of the various liquids, lights, replacement of the filters, etc.) given by the manufacturer of the vehicle or a summary of all the manufacturer’s warranties.

Depending on the model of the car, the style of use of the vehicle is different and appears in this service book. On each page you will find the parts and accessories related to the vehicle model  with the maintenance information for each of them:

Fuel filters: air filter and oil filters

The different belts

Windshield wipers

direction and train

Tires and shock absorbers


Miscellaneous equipment

car exhaust

Braking elements

Service revisions

Maintenance reviews

General revisions

Mechanical parts

The entire electrical circuit: whether it is the battery, the alternator, the lights, the traffic lights

Tires: and tire-related parts such as bearings, ball joints, dust covers, etc.

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