Car body type:

Car body type: what are the different models?


Automobiles come in different models. In order to fully understand your needs, it is essential to learn to differentiate the type of car body that interests you.


Did you know that the type of car body you choose will have an impact on the purchase price no matter what? Indeed, beyond the aesthetic aspect that the body gives to the vehicle, the latter represents a major criterion in terms of price. In the following guide, we help you define the different silhouettes relating to automobiles available for purchase in 2018 and tell you more about their body type.


In addition to the type of body of a car, the latter is distinguished by a form or silhouette in its own right. In automotive jargon, we also speak of body and volume. Thus, a vehicle can belong to a two-volume or three-volume body type. For two decades, the mono-volume body type has also been accepted by the general public. But what do these silhouettes reflect and what are their differences?

Tri-volume (or tri-corps): the tri-corps silhouette is typical of large road cars, that is to say sedans, especially those Premium. It is a sleek silhouette that divides the engine compartment to the cabin and trunk volumes.

Two-volume (or bi-body): this silhouette appeared in the early 1960s. Modern but also practical, this silhouette has become more popular in Western Europe thanks to its composition in two parts, which opposes the front compartment and the passenger compartment, luggage compartment included.

Mono-volume (or mono-corps): small city cars or monospaces, this silhouette is very widespread today. Comprising between three and five glazed doors, the vehicles adopting a single-body shape extend over a continuous line. There is no step at the front or division at the rear.


In the European market, six types of car body are at war with each other. It goes without saying that each type of car body has its advantages… and its disadvantages! Our car expert shares his valuable advice to help you make an informed choice in all circumstances.

the sedan

The first most common car body type is the sedan . Consisting of a fixed roof and windshield, four doors and four windows, the sedan also has a spacious trunk. Among the most famous sedans in France are the BMW 3 Series and the Renault MĂ©gane . A sedan can be a hatchback, a three-body or a unibody.

Le break

A variation of the saloon , the station wagon has a roof that extends to the rear of the vehicle, which gives it good height as well as optimal loading volume in the boot. Indeed, the loading capacity of a station wagon is greater than that of a sedan. As a result, the station wagon is undoubtedly the vehicle with the best loading volume of all body types.

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